Where to watch ‘The Wrestler’

thewrestler.jpgSearchlight has been nothing but methodical in their distribution of ‘The Wrestler’, relying on word of mouth to build the anticipation for the film and Oscar buzz for Mickey Rourke’s performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson. ‘The Wrestler’ is going to have a long run, but, finding a theatre to watch it in that isn’t sold out is going to be a challenge.

Few venues and a lot of buzz is equaling sold out theatres. The number of theatres showing ‘The Wrestler’ increased over the weekend by 84 theatres to a total of 144 theatres nationwide. ‘The Wrestler’ enjoyed an impressive per venue gross of $14,410 over the weekend. That brings the total revenue over $5,000,000 since the movie’s release five weeks ago- which is pretty good. The question is: How can you get past the oscar-curious throngs to watch Randy “The Ram” Robinson before your buddies do?

We recommend keeping track of where ‘The Wrestler’ is going to open up next at an online site like fandango.com. And we’re not going to risk a sold out show- we’re going to pre-buy our tickets at fandango.com as well. We thought we’d pass our plan along to fellow fans of wrestling. Our motto is, ‘Let someone else get stuck in the line for a sold out show.’

The last question is, is ‘The Wrestler’ worth the bother? To answer the question, it stars Mickey Rourke. Anyone watch ‘Sin City’? Didn’t anyone catch Rourke’s performance as Marv? While some fairweather fans jumped onboard when critics started talking Oscar Performance, we never gave up Rourke. Mickey even made ‘Barfly’ endurable. We even liked Rourke in ‘Live and Die in LA.’ Another good reason to watch is Marisa Tomei. We can’t wait to see our ROH favorites on the silver screen as well, such as Alex McGuiness and the Necro Butcher. We’re wondering if we’ll get a glimpse of Daisy Haize, MsChif or Sara Del Ray. Bottom line is, if you love wrestling, how can you NOT see this movie?

To check out where ‘The Wrestler’ is playing, click on the poster.

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