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saradelray1.jpegSera Del Ray took out the time to catch up with her peeps on MySpace, posting about Christmas, Australia, pizza and her newfound love for…koalas…

Friday, February 13, 2009


Long time no talk! I wish I could say I have been so busy and have not
had time to write a blog but that would be a lie I’m just lazy!

First off I wanted to thank all of the people who sent me something for
my Birthday..Christmas…I got way more than I deserve. I have used,wore
and eaten all my presents and enjoyed everything so freaking much. I
totally was going to take pictures with everything and post them or
write thank you notes but like I mentioned above I am lazy. So THANK
YOU to everyone!

So much has happened since my last blog I don’t even know what to start
with. I guess I can start with my new found love of koalas…for those
of you that don’t know…Koalas are the cutest animals EVER. Young or
old they are adorable…I have this weird love of old people so that
might be part of my koala obsession they all look like furry old men.

Where did I see these creatures you ask??? Where else….. Australia! I
was fortunate enough to get to work out there in December. I had an
amazing time and meet some amazing people and got to stay with yeah you
guessed it an AMAZING family. Everyone was so cool I had such a good
time so thank you to everyone over there for welcoming me and taking
such good care of me.

January started out right…I got to ring in the New Year with a very
pregnant friend and her husband. If anyone does not know the joy of
Cici’s pizza you NEED to find out!

I guess I will end this now on a happy note because if I get into wrestling it will just be a bitter rant.

So in closing thank you all again and find out about Koala’s and Cici’s!

Sara Del Rey

This is simply an amazing tribute clip to Sara Del Ray.

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