TNA Knockout Traci Brooks update

traci-brooks.jpegTraci Brooks had an opportunity to catch us up on her time in Iraq.

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hey everyone

just a quick update from So Cal Val and I from

Iraq…been here for a week and words cant describe what its

like over here…we ve met over 20 000 soldiers men and

women from the ages of 18 and up and been all over

Iraq..stranded right now in Baghdad due to a sandstorm so we

had a minute to catch up with everyone back home…

well i had a bit of a boo boo and got injured..i was of

course doing something i shouldn’t have been doing and

burnt the right side of my chest pretty bad..i was firing a

240 off of an M rap and the shell kicked back and fell down

my shirt and burnt me pretty bad…I’m a little sore but

the medics here were fantastic and got me all wrapped up and

back on the road..ya, only me that would happen to …dont

worry tna fans my chest will be as good as new when i get

back funniest part of the trip has been

seeing So Cal Val roughing it..brushing her teeth outside

with a bottle of water, using porta potty, eating bagged

army food..its quite funny to worry i got lots

of pics…but seriously people back home have no idea how

lucky we have it, i believe everyone needs to come over here

and see what our brave men and women are doing for us..not a

day has passed that tears have not run down our faces or a

smile across our face from a

solider saying 2 simple words THANK YOU!, We are both

always so surprised when they say that, they are thanking us

for coming over there for 10 days when they are risking

their lives for us..THANK YOU guys for being so selfless and

brave!!! God bless,

love Traci and So Cal Val


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