Five minutes to build the 25 Diva Royal Rumble on RAW

25divarumble1.jpgThe expectation of fans hoping to see a push for women’s wrestling in the WWE have been lowered after Monday’s dismal execution of an 18 Diva tag-team match. Fans of womens wrestling were reduced to trying to differential one Diva from another as the faces came out in a group, with the Diva heels already waiting in the ring. Lumped among the faces headed to the ring was Former Women Champion Gail Kim for her redebute at RAW. The match lasted one minute and eleven seconds, included a total of three tags and ended in a roll-up by Tiffany on Katie Lee. No sooner did the match end than out came Santino to steal the limelight from the Divas in a comedy sketch in which he tried to show why he deserved a chance at the Miss WrestleMania title, by dancing around in a mantini until the Divas threw him out of the ring.

Okay, if any WWE die hard fan ever knocks TNA’s booking again, you TNA die hards remember this match. This is the big build to the 25 Diva Royal Rumble at WrestleMania.

Straight to the point: what the heck just went wrong?

A week ago WWE seemed to be willing to give their Diva Division a shot. Reports were coming out of a push to have an all-Diva episode of ECW to push the 25 Diva Royal Rumble. Gail Kim finally made her return to the ring on Smackdown by taking out both Michelle and Maryse who were in the middle of a title match. The buzz from fans were mostly positive.

I personally was speculating if this Diva experiment didn’t come on the heels of an all-women wrestling promotion, ‘Wrestlicious’ being picked up by Fox. Had someone finally realized there might actually be a fan base for women’s wrestling large enough to make decent women’s matches a part of the WWE program again?

So why has the 25 Diva Royal Rumble been reduced to a bathroom break in such a short period of time? There will be no build into WrestleMania. There will be no build for any Diva on the roster going into WrestleMania. There will be no time devoted to showcasing former Divas and their greatest matches going into WrestleMania. There will be no stories or feuds for Divas leading out of WrestleMania.

One can only conclude that someone went to bat for the Divas and lost at McMahon’s table. The booking for Gail’s return could have been great, if some time had been given to build the title match leading to Gail Kim entering the ring and kicking Michelle and Maryse’s butts. The lack of lead into the match made the whole thing seem random. ECW went from announcing an all-Diva episode to QUIETLY going back to business as usual. Someone’s been in the Diva’s corner, but that person doesn’t call the shots.

An all-Diva episode of ECW? Nah, just send them in as a group for a throwaway match on RAW and have Santino get them over with his antics. Just split the faces down the middle with the heels…oh, Maryse and Michelle hate each other? Gail Kim’s supposed to be coming in to push the Diva title on Smackdown? You mean, there’s backstories to be told? No one’s going to care. Nah, a Diva main event at WrestleMania only needs five minutes to build. This from WWE, which prides itself on telling a good story in the ring.

You’d think that WWE would do everything in its’ ability to convince people to pay $60 for the WrestleMania PPV. If this kind of effort went into the Shawn Michael-Undertaker feud, McMahon’s head would pop. So, why, after all the effort put selling WrestleMania, would WWE deliberately crap on this event? It’s like building a huge wedding cake and topping it with poop. The logic in this booking completely confounds me.

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