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daffney2.jpgNow that we’ve all woken up from our WrestleMania hangover, let’s talk about big news coming out of the TNA Knockout division. Not everything ‘cross the line has been perfect lately, but no one can say they’re not serious about their women wrestling talent.

TNA Knockout and former WCW Daffney is finally out of the Palin getup and TNA is running segments with Abyss and Daffney with Dr. Stevie. So, far it’s been pretty good. TNA took out the time to tie the Palin storyline together and move it forward. BTW, Dr. Stevie, Abyss and Daffney are all off their rockers and the result is…wait for it..original!

The final link to a newly charged TNA Knockout division will be the introduction of ‘Dark Angel’ Sara Stock into the division. Unfortunately, there’s some paperwork to get through before Sara can come up and show the TNA audience why she is arguably one of the biggest women wrestling talent in Mexico.

The Beautiful People are on a tear trying to cut the other Knockout’s hair…which means some retribution has got to happen…is it possible that Angelina or Sky may be the next to get her head shaved at this year’s Lockdown? At the very least, Cute Kipp is finally no longer blocking our view when Angelina Love and Velvet Sky do their entrance.

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