RingDivas Shoot with Missy Hyatt & Tammy Sytch

tammymissy_small.jpg-Missy reveals all the details on her relationships with various wrestlers.
-Who is good in bed? Who is not? Missy isnt afraid to tell.
-Who was the first person she was with in the business?
-Hear her honest words about Eric Bischoff. You wont believe this!!!
-Talks about all her exs like John Tatum, Eddie Gilbert and Jason Hervey.
-What are her thoughts on Jim Ross? -The details of her 2001 ECW PPV appearance.
-Too much controversial sex talk to type here!!!

This interview is over two hours, shot in hi-definition.

You can watch this interview now by clicking on the link:

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Missy & Tammy (Complete Interview)

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