RingDivas shoot with Dawn Marie

dawnmarie_small.jpgWhat doesn’t Dawn Marie cover in this two hour, in-debt interview? Dawn Marie covers,

How did you get started in wrestling
What was your background in modeling
Were you a fan before you got involved
Is it true that you worked in real estate before wrestling
Where did you go for training
Was it difficult being a girl in a business with so many men
How did you wind up in ECW
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Initial impressions of Lance Storm
How did you guys develop chemistry
Memories of your feud with Tammy
Memories managing Simon and Swinger
Thoughts on Tammy
Was she helpful at all to you
Was it hard when you would start getting more over than Pat
What were some of your favorite angles in ECW
Any good road stories from ECW
At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy
Did Paul say anything to you or the locker room at the last PPV
How tough was it to pay your bills
Did you have any discussions with WCW
Did you think about a career outside of wrestling
How did you wind up coming to the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Thoughts on the Rock
Thoughts on Undertaker
How different was the dynamic in the WWE locker room
Were you well received by the locker room
Were the other girls helpful
Did anyone mentor you there
Was it hard on your relationship that you got a deal and Pat didn?t
Is it hard to keep a healthy relationship while being a full time WWE talent
When you came in were you expecting to be back with Lance Storm
Whos idea was it to put you in as Vince?s accountant
Memories of doing skits with Vince
Is Vince approachable
Memories of your first angles with Torrie
Who taught you how to wrestle in the WWE
Who?s idea was the whole Al Wilson angle
Do you think it ever got too ridiculous
Thoughts on Torrie
Memories of AL
Thoughts on being involved in a feud that lasted 9 months
Memories of your match with Torrie
Were you ever approached to do Playboy
Was there any jealousy from the other girls over all the time you were getting
Memories of when Sable came back
Thoughts on her
Memories teaming with Nidia
Memories of wrestling Gail Kim
What is your favorite place you got to travel to with the WWE
How different was WWE from ECW
Who were your favorite wrestlers to watch
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Was Paul Heyman an ally to you
Do you think it hurt the product when the WWE got far away from girls with wrestling backgrounds as opposed to the models
Memories of your angle with Charlie Haas
Thoughts on working with Jackie Gayda
Memories of your feud with Michelle McCool
Some former Divas complained about Randy Orton, did you have any problems with him
Memories wrestling Moolah and Mae
Are you surprised as to how popular ECW still is today
Have you talked to TNA
What advice do you have for women who want to get into wrestling
What do you miss most about the business

Seriously, you can’t miss this.

You can see it now by clicking here.

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