Vickie retires, Lena Yada in a Chickfight, Torrie Wilson up for elimination!

vickiebigshow.jpegOn Monday night Raw Vickie surprised us and announced her retirement from the WWE as general manager of Raw. It seemed like just yesterday Vickie was wallowing in mud and pigs, defending her miss WrestleMania title against Santina (oh, yeah, she was). Well, that’s a great sendoff for Eddie’s widow and a woman could draw more heat by asking the crowd to be polite than Jericho in a full-blown tirade. Vickie is said to be set now for finances and wants to spend more time with her daughters.

After her announcement, edge came out, roasted her and demanded a divorce. The key is said to have been fine with all that, after all humiliation is part of the traditional sendoff. Vickie may appear on Smackdown before the end of the month. We just want to say toVickie Geurrero, great job and there’s going to be a big gap Monday nights where you used to be.

Former WWE Diva Lena Yada returned to the ring for Pro Wrestling Revolution in a match that was promoted as a “ChickFight” on Saturday, June 6. Lena Yada won over Cristina Von Eerie.

Former WWE Diva champion Torrie Wilson is up for elimination! Don’t forget to vote to keep Torrie in the jungle!

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