Things worth talking about the TNA Knockouts

tracibrooksplayboy.jpegTNA does not have the luxury of ignoring what the fans want. While woman wrestling fans are often reduced to rubbing their eyes in disbelief at the treatment shown the WWE Divas, TNA has been building a Knockout division. We don’t think this is a sign of intelligence in the TNA management; rather an opportunity has come up for TNA that is so obvious they couldn’t miss it. There is a lot talent in the Indies for women wrestling looking to make it on TV in the USA. Women’s wrestling is still a novelty act for wrestling fans: an opportunity for women to break through what has traditionally been a man’s world and show what they can do. All TNA has had to do is assemble the hungry talent from all over and present them to the TNA fans and the ratings will follow.

And the TNA Knockouts have earned ratings for TNA and proven they deserve their corner in the company.

TNA has been working diligently to recruit some of the finest wrestlers from all over and bring them into the TNA knockout division. Vince Russo has been doing his thing to get all the knockouts on the air, in a storyline and in a feud. Creating a story for a wrestler or a feud is truly where Vince excels. If someone could just keep him from over booking the angle, or trying to trick us with endless swerves!

With Ayako Hamada set to debut anytime, the TNA Knockout roster boasts 16 women wrestlers, one reality show winner, one wife of Booker T and one backstage interviewer. Of the wrestlers, there are currently four wrestlers whose skills we could describe as…shaky. Put in perspective, the TNA Knockouts may not have enough talent to run their own show, but they do have enough talent to run their own X Cup competition. That’s four teams of four competing weekly in a multi-round tournament that could be shown on iMPACT! and two PPVs…just like the world cup. Okay, insert jokes about what to call the cup here…

Do the Knockouts have more talented wrestlers than the Divas in the WWE? Honestly, it’s impossible to tell because the Divas are simply not given time to wrestle or cut promos, they have a limited move set, the talented wrestlers have to pander to Vince’s Diva search pageant winners and the size of the venue, the atmosphere and the program for both companies are completely different. We would have to say, though, that we would guess the Knockouts have more depth than the Divas. If Maryse hurt herself again the whole Diva division on RAW would go into limbo until she recovered. Pinning a whole division on a very green talent like Maryse speaks volumes about the Diva division.

The real question is how the talent is being utilized and as we’ve said, here the Knockouts simply crush the Divas. Mistakes like Jenna Morasca wrestling Sharmell at a PPV can (and should) be forgotten because there’s a lot more good going on than bad. We know TNA insists on booking the occasional stinker because a bad review is still A review and TNA is hungry for growth. Whether TNA tries too hard to attract an audience or simply will do anything for ratings is a topic for another article.
Forget that abortion of a feud between Jenna Morasca and Sharmell and check this list of cool:

There is a feud beginning between Awesome Kong and Tara aka former Women Champion Diva Victoria. Tara has been terrorizing the Beautiful People since coming to TNA and has even managed to briefly dethrone Angelina Love. Tara must feel like a kid in the candy store with the spread of matches she can choose from at TNA. While some people grumble that TNA picks up every future endeavoured WWE talent and pushes them to the moon, we think that TNA acknowledging Lisa Mari’s time in is pure class. Victoria deserves to headline and may she have as much fun wrestling in TNA as we have watching her wrestle in TNA.

The Beautiful People hold the belt in Angelina Love’s hands. Angelina has survived her first true test as Knockout Champion and against Victoria, no less. TBP are terrific heels. They’re the prom queens we all hate and wanted to be or to date.

Alyssa Flash aka Saeed aka ‘The Future Legend’ Cheerleader Melissa has welcomed Canadian born Sarita aka Dark Angel to TNA with what is already a great feud. Alyssa will fight with Sarita because she likes to cause pain. Do you really need more back story? Sarita is beautiful, fast and so freakin’ agile she walks the ring ropes as easily as us mere mortals climb a flight of stairs.
Daffney versus Taylor Wilde. Daffney is a hardcore crazy b’tch, flexible and willing to take bumps that belong in backyard wrestling events. In short, she’s awesome. Taylor Wilde as a pure wrestler could become the (wrestling )Kurt Angle of women wrestling. But, Wilde on the mic is no Kurt Angle. Taylor has the in-ring personality of a robot. Daffney’s sheer bigger-than-life personality gels with Taylor’s sick ring skills. Their feud, filled with enough backstory for a multi-part TV drama, has had some unreal highlights including two bumps on tacks in one week by Daffney!

Christy Hemme is posting on myspace she’s ready to wrestle. We missed the energizer bunny. Christy has yet to prove she can hold her own in the ring, but we cannot doubt her passion for wrestling. Christy had to take time out to heal from neck injuries that could have crippled her. Christy’s only thought was to get into the action at TNA again ASAP. We’re thinking that when Christy is really ready, TNA will throw her in with Ayako Hamada, who is backstage and has yet to debute. Christy says she wants to be respected as a wrestler and this will prove she means it. All she has to do is survive Ayako and she’ll come out a veteran on the other side…

We were kinda hoping that for Ayako’s debute, she could come out and scare Kong. Ayoko is a second generation wrestler from Japan who has wrestled extensively in Mexico. Kong is on record saying that her time wrestling in Japan was ‘hell’. It was hell because of crazy Japanese women wrestlers like Ayako. So, at the end of a match, have Ayako come out and ruin Kong’s night. That would be a cool introduction for the TNA fans to the former Queen of Arsion.

That’s some highlights on what’s happening in the Knockouts. Throw in ODB training Cody Deaner to become a wrestler, Traci Brooks winning a spot in MEM and confirming she’ll be the first Knockout in Playboy and you get the idea. There’s a lot of things worth talking about the Knockouts.

Christy Hemme, the energizer bunny, is ready to return and kick some booty in TNA.

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