Victoria aka TNA Tara blogs about her head injury

victoria-tara-tna.jpgWe cringed when we saw Tara land on her head after taking out TBP with a crossbody dive from the top rope. Apparently so did Lisa Marie when she watched iMPACT! last night.

From Tara’s MySpace:

Long time, no blog. So I forgot about this until I saw it, which is kinda funny and kinda concerning. But I banged the holy heck out of my head on last night’s TNA Impact. There is definitely a little adjustment as I get into the more hardcore style of wrestling on TNA. Well TNA veteran ODB went to the top rope and jumped onto Kong. It pumped me up so much that I went to the top rope and tried to jump onto the Beautiful People who were outside the ring. Well they are so caked up with makeup and fake tan and herpes creme that I shot right through them, and banged my head on the concrete floor. Next thing I know, referee Earl Hebner was standing over me, asking, “Should I stop this and get the medics?”. I told him that I thought I was okay, but it hurt!!! But the important thing is that I came to my senses, got back in the ring, and pinned Kong. And the fans were chanting “That was awesome”…which was a tremendous feeling. It was an honor to be part of an amazing hardcore match where some of the best female wrestlers worked to their potential and thrilled the fans. I know they rerun Impact during the week. If you didn’t see it last Thursday night, it’s worth catching.

Saturday Night two of the best female fighters in the world will be facing off in the Stikeforce PPV on Showtime. I don’t have Showtime. I’m not home enough to watch it. But I think I may actually get Showtime just for this fight. It’s gonna be a major event in Women’s MMA. Gina Carano and Christiane Santos aka Chris Cyborg. Cheesecorn and Women’s MMA…now that’s a Saturday Night.

Later Beefsteak Tomaters, Lisa Marie aka TNA Tara

Tara is adjusting quickly and well to TNA’s wrestling style. Everytime she comes out, she gives a little more, a little better than before. Tara’s showed a lot of rust in her first appearance and her first couple of promos backstage were really rough. That being said, her performance tonight was great. First backstage with Lauren when asked about Kong derailing her momentum- to which Tara responded, “Derailed? More like hit by a 2 tonne truck.” That’s a great line. Tara then finished the interview saying she came out to be the best and that means beating the best. Tara even put Kong over as the greatest wrestler ever. Okay, we’re sure she meant greatest female wrestler ever- which is amazing accolades for Kong, considering that’s Lisa Marie talking. While Tara is ready to throw down with the Knockouts and is doing great, we hope Tara remembers to be careful in her adjustment to the Knockout Style.

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  1. Female wrestling on December 20th, 2009

    Damn! video was removed from youtube already…What was was Mickie James’ finisher? Gail Kim sure does rock still…

  2. Female wrestling on December 20th, 2009

    Hehe Hardcore’s good but breaking your neck sure ain’t…

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