Diva NXT and an opportunity to shine

There’s been a flurry of opinion pieces posted on the internet over the last week regarding WWE’s NXT Season 3. The buzz is around the WWE’s choice to build Season 3 around the WWE Divas. People are blogging that the “pros” have a lack experience to be taken seriously as pros. There is some suggestion that WWE has all but given up on NXT (as they struggle to find a new channel to broadcast NXT on) and this season is a throwaway. There has even been the suggestion that this is a hidden threat to the current Diva roster to shape up, or they will be replaced. Many, many marks say that NXT Season 3 is going to flop.

Not so, not so, I’m thinking! There’s plenty of opportunity here for the Divas to step up and shut up their biggest detractors.

We’ve blogged here before at womenswrestlingxposed that women’s wrestling needs to tap into ‘reality TV’ to build its storylines. Now, we said this in context to SHIMMER and other indie promotions, suggesting that a ‘reality TV’ format built around a former WWE Diva (such as Lisa Marie Varon) could succeed because the cost of production and the originality of the content would allow to the show to survive in a specialty niche. Women’s wrestling should be seen as heavenly content to cable providers because it’s cheap and should appeal to young male demographics.

WWE has a style that relies on drama and storytelling to bring the audiences into what happens in the ring. The biggest failure the WWE Divas have is that in being hired at the top based on looks and not skill, the Divas can’t be trusted with airtime to sell the WWE product. The Divas are in the big times without the skills to be anything more than eye candy. Not that the Divas aren’t trying, they’re stuck in a vicious circle. Let that be a lesson kids, earn your way to the top- don’t rely on superficiality to make your way and you won’t get caught like that.

The listed ‘pros’ are hardly on their own here. It’s safe to assume that other WWE Divas and stars are going to be involved as well. You can bank on the Glamazon, LayCool, Gail Kim, Eve, Jillian and Natalya making appearances. I personally would love to see Golddust interacting with the Divas (“May I smell your hair?”). We might even see a cameo with Trish Stratus sometime during the competition!

I like what Chris B from Bleacherreport.com said regarding the Divas:

“basically, WWE isn’t expecting Diva NXT to work. Even worse, they aren’t expecting anything from Diva NXT. This brings about the question, why should the Divas themselves care then?
|Well, I think they should care because if they bring in the ratings they’ll catch WWE’s attention. If the women can keep NXT’s ratings the same as before, or increase them, WWE might want to invest more in them. They might be able to flourish once more, and a new, better era of women’s wrestling in WWE can start. It’s a good chance for these girls to get over as well”

I agree also with Chris B other points, first one that the Diva’s sex appeal will bring in male viewers. And we cannot undervalue what time given to the Divas can do for the Divas. The Divas have the chance here to show their skills and actually try to get over with the crowd through promos. Finally, Chris points out that there is a large following of women wrestling fans online- although I’m not certain we make up 30% of the WWE’s fan base (Unless Chris is referring the 30% of fans who don’t go to the washroom at a live event when the Divas are wrestling?) I kid, as Chris has a point that if the online fans do their part to pump up NXT Season 3, we could have an impact on the ratings, absolutely.

The FCW’s smaller venue will also work well for the Divas. Women’s wrestling, in my opinion, simply works better with a smaller crowd. The TNA studio’s size actually works to the Knockouts advantage. One reason I think this is because there’s no way to take the sex appeal of women who are fit out of the equation- but distance from the ring is a hindrance for ogling fans. The other reason is that large venues work with characters that are larger than life and the average women wrestler weighs in at less than 120 pounds- the big venues just eat them up. What I’m trying to say is that women wrestlers are more engaging the closer you are to them and so smaller venues are better.

So fellow women wrestling fans, here’s our chance to stand up and be proud to be a fan of women who wrestle. The Divas have a chance here to shake things up in WWE and take a more active roll- provided they prove they can get over with the fans. Tell your friends to tune in and let’s give our favorite Diva ‘pros’- and the ‘rookies’- our support.

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