WWE Nxt Aloisia- what went wrong

It’s been a couple of weeks since WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero ‘fired’ WWE Nxt contestant Aloisia for ‘not respecting her.’ So, what happened to Aloisia? Aloisia went from the cornerstone of this season’s WWE Nxt, to being sent to developmental, to being released altogether from WWE.

Speculation in forums was that Aloisia was released for posing for an erotic shoot previous to coming to WWE and that the WWE showed a double standard by letting Aloisia go for not representing a PG image. This decision to ship out Aloisia came in spite of the WWE Divas posing for bikini shoots, Diva of the day shoots and some current members of the roster (including Gail Kim and Maryse) having posed previous to WWE in erotic shoots themselves. This double standard has of course caused some controversy and anger among women wrestling fans.

There is no double standard in this instance. What outraged fans don’t seem to want to consider is that the Divas are marketed first on their looks- their sex appeal and their marketability- and their in-ring ability and mic skills a distance second. The Divas have to look sexy, appealing and unattainable to WWE fans.

Aloisia is big and her size alone makes her a potential star. But, WWE is the big time and if Aloisia wants to make it in the big event, she has to develop an image that fits the WWE Diva brand.

The hardest thing to hear is feedback that you’re not good enough for something that you really want. What defines a person isn’t in failing to attain what they want the first time through, but in what they do with what they learned from their failure. In this case, what do you do with feedback as personal as how you look?

Aloisia doesn’t have body that comes from a cookie cutter- she’s 6’9”- and she certainly doesn’t blend into a crowd of WWE Divas. The women’s program would be built around Aloisia if she went to RAW or Smackdown. Aloisia would reshape the WWE Diva brand. That’s a big gamble for WWE and not knowing what’s floating out there in the internet that could embarrass the company- like that horrid photo shoot- was just too much of a gamble for the WWE.

Forget your opinion of whether this was fair, or right. That’s just the way it is with WWE.

We didn’t think Aloisia looked bad in her sit-down interview for WWE Nxt, or her photoshoot for Nxt promotional pictures. Aloisia has come a long way from the controversial shoot which she agreed to (to paraphrase her) when she was 18 and on her own, overweight, desperate and (her word) stupid.

Apparently Aloisia needs to work on her image, her look and her physique if she wants to work for WWE. Like it or not, that’s just the WWE standard.

Aloisia doesn’t need our advice, by the way. Aloisia doesn’t whine in her well-written blog at www.aloisiaonline.com about being let go and she certainly hasn’t been deterred from her desire to work for the WWE. Aloisia is totally upfront about the controversial (no nudity) photo shoot. She respects the WWE as a business while implying she thinks the WWE has made a mistake in letting her go. Aloisia has a new training regiment with a new trainer.

In her words,

I may be off NXT, but I intend to use this time to get even bigger and stronger and sculpt my 6’9″ body into a veritable work of art. I’ll be sure to post video of my training session, you can all see how hard I’m working for you, my loyal fans. Mark my words…I WILL be back and when I return, Vickie Guerrero, you better pack your bags and run for the hills. And Beth Phoenix, honey…I’ve got you in my sights as well. Every time you look in your rear view mirror, that’s me you see coming up behind you. And yes, I stole that line from Mad Men 🙂

Aloisia's mistake wasn't in posing for a shoot- it was in posing in a really bad shoot that did nothing to show her in an attractive way.

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  1. Gene on October 22nd, 2010

    Vickie Guerrero is a trouble maker of nxt. As a matter of fact, that’s all she has every been on WWE. I like wrestling, and watch all four nights. Recently, I changed from Cable to Dish and I’m not able to find nxt.Just wondering if it was still there. I miss it! I’m so glad to see Mickey James back. Great wrestler, but they are all great wrestlers. Nay, Vickie Guerrero need to stay in her office and leave the MEN wrestlers alone. I see no difference in that, or what she acuse a other women do. Even firing them to keep them our of reach of her man. Say goodbye to Miss Piggy, if she a pro, I wander what in???????????

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