RingDivas Shoot with Blue Meanie & Jasmin St. Claire

jasminebluemeanie_small.jpgBlue Meanie talks about his training at Al Snow’s gym and life on the independent scene. Meanie then discusses life in ECW, including the forming of the BWO, life with Stevie Richards, and the problems back then between Stevie and Raven. Find out why he left ECW, and great stories when he was in the WWF. Jasmin on the other hand talks about her past career as an adult video star. Find out all the stuff you wanted to know about her past profession, including the famous World’s Greatest Gang Bang Video. Find out the darker side of the adult film business, including the drug use and prostitution of some of the girls, and just the horrors that are associated with that business. Find out what adult video superstars are cool, and who are not as Jasmin talks about all. Also what was it like to do the Howard Stern show frequently, and how was Howard off the camera? Jasmine also talks about how she met The Meanie, and her days in the wrestling business with XPW. Both of them talk about their careers now in ECW and their futures. This is a truly unique interview with great ECW stories, plus get all the dirt on the adult video business!

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Jasmin St. Claire (Copmlete Interview)

RingDivas shoot with Dawn Marie

dawnmarie_small.jpgWhat doesn’t Dawn Marie cover in this two hour, in-debt interview? Dawn Marie covers,

How did you get started in wrestling
What was your background in modeling
Were you a fan before you got involved
Is it true that you worked in real estate before wrestling
Where did you go for training
Was it difficult being a girl in a business with so many men
How did you wind up in ECW
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Initial impressions of Lance Storm
How did you guys develop chemistry
Memories of your feud with Tammy
Memories managing Simon and Swinger
Thoughts on Tammy
Was she helpful at all to you
Was it hard when you would start getting more over than Pat
What were some of your favorite angles in ECW
Any good road stories from ECW
At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy
Did Paul say anything to you or the locker room at the last PPV
How tough was it to pay your bills
Did you have any discussions with WCW
Did you think about a career outside of wrestling
How did you wind up coming to the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Thoughts on the Rock
Thoughts on Undertaker
How different was the dynamic in the WWE locker room
Were you well received by the locker room
Were the other girls helpful
Did anyone mentor you there
Was it hard on your relationship that you got a deal and Pat didn?t
Is it hard to keep a healthy relationship while being a full time WWE talent
When you came in were you expecting to be back with Lance Storm
Whos idea was it to put you in as Vince?s accountant
Memories of doing skits with Vince
Is Vince approachable
Memories of your first angles with Torrie
Who taught you how to wrestle in the WWE
Who?s idea was the whole Al Wilson angle
Do you think it ever got too ridiculous
Thoughts on Torrie
Memories of AL
Thoughts on being involved in a feud that lasted 9 months
Memories of your match with Torrie
Were you ever approached to do Playboy
Was there any jealousy from the other girls over all the time you were getting
Memories of when Sable came back
Thoughts on her
Memories teaming with Nidia
Memories of wrestling Gail Kim
What is your favorite place you got to travel to with the WWE
How different was WWE from ECW
Who were your favorite wrestlers to watch
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Was Paul Heyman an ally to you
Do you think it hurt the product when the WWE got far away from girls with wrestling backgrounds as opposed to the models
Memories of your angle with Charlie Haas
Thoughts on working with Jackie Gayda
Memories of your feud with Michelle McCool
Some former Divas complained about Randy Orton, did you have any problems with him
Memories wrestling Moolah and Mae
Are you surprised as to how popular ECW still is today
Have you talked to TNA
What advice do you have for women who want to get into wrestling
What do you miss most about the business

Seriously, you can’t miss this.

You can see it now by clicking here.

Victoria blogs on WrestleMania, TNA, Dixie Carter and MMA

wwevictoria.jpgFrom her MySpace page,

So much to talk about. First of all, as I said in my last blog, I was at The UFC Fight Night in Nashville. My Jiu Jitsu coach had a fighter in the event. It was Rafael Dos Anjos. I was hoping to go out to the ring with him. But there was some discussion that it may be a distraction, and I didn’t want to do that. But my coach walked him out and cornered him. And to show that there are no hard feelings, I will let Rafael go out to the ring with me in one of my fights ; ) He ended up losing to Tyson Griffin. But he fought well, and tomorrow’s another day.

I ran into a couple former WWE employees there. Bruce Prichard and Dan Stevenson, who were behind the scenes guys, who are now with TNA. They introduced me to Dixie Carter and her husband. I don’t know if she’s supposed to have a tough businesswoman image. But I’m gonna shatter that. She was supernice. It’s always weird to me when a tidbit of my personal life becomes wrestling gossip, because someone saw Dixie and I talking, and now “I may be going to TNA”. I’d be lying if I said it never crossed my mind, but they haven’t come to me with anything, and I am really focused on my MMA.

For all you East Coast MySpacers, I am making a rare guest appearance on Saturday, April 11th in Cherry Hill, NJ at the Holiday Inn on Route 70 from 1-3 PM. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello.

Finally, Wreslemania XXV was a fun time. It was great to see a lot of old friends. The Diva Battle Royal wasn’t exactly the tribute to 25 years of women’s wrestling that I was hoping it would be. But any WWE pay-per-view event, let alone Wrestlemania, is always a spectacle, and it was fun to be a part of it. Frankly, I didn’t get much camera time either. But I’ll get more at Wrestlmania XXVI in Phoenix when I fight Gina Carano… ; )

Later Hot Potaters, Lisa Marie : )


RingDivas Shoot with Ryan Shamrock

ryanshamrock_small.jpgDon’t miss this forty-five minute shoot with Ryan Shamrock in hi-def, wich includes:

-How she got involved in WWF.
-Getting booked with Val Venis.
-How her deal was only for one show.
-Why she continued to work in WWF after that.
-How she met Ken Shamrock.
-Talks about being the character of Kens sister.
-How their personal relationship took off.
-Going into the wrestling business and not being a wrestling fan.
-Her opinion on WWFs product.
-How she didnt know how lucky she was to get the WWF job.
-How her opinion changed about WWF.
-She gives the scoop on how WWF treated women.
-Thoughts on the other divas like Sunny, Sable, etc….
-Her opinion of Vince McMahon.
-How the other talent treated her and the rest of the divas.
-Who taught her the business and how to wrestle?
-What was that like?
-Why she left WWF.
-Going to WCW.
-How WCW compared to WWF.
-Training at the Power Plant with Madusa and the other girls.
-Why she didnt like training there.
-Leaving WCW.
-Her opinion of wrestling now.
-Life on the indies.
-Her relationship with Ken Shamrock.
-Opinion of his shootfighting career.
-Their future in wrestling.

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Ryan Shamrock (Copmlete Interview)

Smackdown 10.04.09 Gail Kim versus Michelle McCool

YouTube Preview Image

New film shows off Gail Kim’s evil side

gailkimnadia.jpegGreg Oliver for SLAM! Wrestling gives a write-up for the upcoming movie “Royal Kill” a royal write-up. SLAM! Wrestling interviewed Babar Ahmed about Gail’s performance and came away with some exciting insight. Gail Kim’s performance as an assassin is described as menacing, intense and convincing.

– Gail Kim’s performance tested so positive with audiences that her roll was expanded. That’s amazing if you consider Gail Kim performed opposite Pat Morita and Eric Roberts in her first movie role.

‘Heading to theatres in very limited release on April 10, Royal Kill fictionalizes the true story of the massacre of the royal family of Nepal, with the lone surviving member of the family in America, teen actor Lalaine (Lizzie McGuire), and Kim sent to eliminate her as well.

‘It’s the second feature film for director Babar Ahmed, after the award-winning Genius. Ahmed took some convincing by former WWE writer and current SLAM! Wrestling Movie Database boss Ranjan Chhibber that a wrestler was right for the role of the assassin.

‘”The role of the assassin is one of the toughest, because in the story, the hero of the story and the drama are really defined by the antagonist. So how threatening the villain is, is how scared the audience will be. Because you can have the greatest hero in the world, you can be James Bond or Superman, but if there’s no adversary worthy enough then why should someone care. My objective was to get someone really petulant, and someone who could really portray menace,” Ahmed told SLAM! Wrestling.

‘”I felt that women wrestlers have been neglected by mainstream filmmakers. You hear of The Rock and John Cena in films, but where are the charismatic female wrestlers? The gender bias against female wrestlers within their own industry unfortunately trickles out to Hollywood in this way: if their own profession doesn’t offer them a spotlight role equivalent to their male counterparts, then why should Hollywood treat them seriously,” said Chhibber. “That’s why I felt that Gail Kim should be offered this role, and why I pushed Babar to give it to her. Her involvement in this film will hopefully shatter the glass ceiling for women wrestlers today.”

‘Ahmed was “skeptical” when Chhibber — whom he’d met while both taught at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. — pitched him on Kim, but it worked out far better than he anticipated.

‘”In the very first test screening, Gail Kim had the role of the antagonist, but it was relatively small. So Gail Kim comes, all hell breaks loose, the story continues,” Ahmed said. “When we had the first test screenings, I expected the focus to be on, maybe, this is Pat Morita’s last movie, or focusing on certain elements of the story. But apart from the reaction to the ending of the movie — ‘We had never seen that before’ — apart from that reaction, Gail Kim in the whole movie had the strongest reaction to her. Her role is extremely impactful, extremely. They totally were scared of her.”

‘Kim’s role was increased, and more scenes were shot. “That then boosted the whole film, and the whole of the movie took a slightly different turn in that Gail Kim became much more of a focus in the movie,” Ahmed said. “Her performance in the movie is one of the strongest aspects of the movie, not just because she acts well and she can do amazing things in terms of her fighting abilities.”

‘In the film, Kim has a hand-to-hand fight, a gun fight, sword fight, and speaks in certain scenes in a different language. “There’s a lot of complexity to her role,” said Ahmed.
Chhibber knew that Kim could pull off the role, but even he was surprised at how committed she became. “Gail did not only all her wrestling stunts, but she refused to use a stunt double anywhere,” Chhibber said. There is one scene where she drops from a ceiling, maybe 15 feet high. “She just said that she was going to do that. That’s a testament to Gail’s brave nature. I don’t think I would have done that.”

‘The limited release date for Royal Kill is April 10, 2009. As an opening night promotion, if someone brings two or more people to a the film, they will be given a Royal Kill poster with Gail Kim on it. The movie screens in these AMC theatres to start:’

AMC Ontario, 4549 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA 91764
AMC Covina, 1414 N Azusa Ave, Covina, CA 91722

AMC Cantera, 28250 Diehl Rd, Warrenville, IL 60555
AMC South Barrington, 175 Studio Drive, South Barrington, IL 60010

AMC Hoffman, 206 Swamp Fox Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314

JR on the Divas’ match at WrestleMania 25

wm25.jpgThe Diva Battle Royal at ‘Mania was the darnedest thing I can remember seeing in a while as the ladies started scuffling before the bell rang and I swear that there were eliminations during the introductions. I was looking forward to seeing some of the Diva Alums but not only did I not see some of them in the match I did not get to see some of them during the week at the HQ hotel. I especially missed not getting to visit with Torrie Wilson. Hey, just because I’m on a “diet” doesn’t mean I can’t look at the “desert list.” Plus she always entertainingly busts my chops about her Boise State footballers upsetting Oklahoma a couple of years ago in the instant classic, Fiesta Bowl.

I did get to visit with Sunny, Nidia, and Molly Holly and thoroughly enjoyed those conversations. Nidia did not compete in the Battle Royal as she is busy being a mom but looked to be in tremendous shape. Sunny was having fun in Houston and Molly is still doing great things with under privileged kids. I’ve never met a Diva with a better heart for wanting to do good deeds than does Molly. I wish more people in this world had her wonderful attitude.

RingDivas Shoot with Missy Hyatt & Tammy Sytch

tammymissy_small.jpg-Missy reveals all the details on her relationships with various wrestlers.
-Who is good in bed? Who is not? Missy isnt afraid to tell.
-Who was the first person she was with in the business?
-Hear her honest words about Eric Bischoff. You wont believe this!!!
-Talks about all her exs like John Tatum, Eddie Gilbert and Jason Hervey.
-What are her thoughts on Jim Ross? -The details of her 2001 ECW PPV appearance.
-Too much controversial sex talk to type here!!!

This interview is over two hours, shot in hi-definition.

You can watch this interview now by clicking on the link:

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Missy & Tammy (Complete Interview)

RingDivas Shoot with Joanie “Chyna Doll” Laurer

chynadoll_small.jpgThe 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna, gave an exclusive shoot interview that will be the talk of the wrestling world for years. Often the center of controversy, Chyna finally sets the record straight on all the hot topics. We grilled Joanie on her entire career that included: being trained by Killer Kowalski,her ultra popular WWE run, Playboy photo shoot, the tumultuous relationship with Sean Waltman, VH1’s Surreal Life, , and much, much more! This is one interview that will tear at your heart strings as Joanie emotionally describes for us in great detail about what it is like being one of the most recognizable women in wrestling history.

This interview is two and half hours in length and covers everything Chyna!

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Chyna Doll (Complete Interview)

RingDivas Shoot with Torrie Wilson

torriewilson_small.jpgRingDivas has shoot interviews with some of the most over women wrestlers ever!

Torrie Wilson, one of wrestling’s most beautiful divas sat down to conduct her first ever shoot interview! For the first time ever you will get a chance to understand the girl that lies beneath the makeup, glitz, and glamour as Torrie walked us through her entire career.

The interview is one and a half hours in length.

You can get the full interview by following the link here:

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Torrie Wilson (Complete Interview)

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