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rollerderbymickie.jpgWWE.com has posted the Summerskin: Encore. There is another picture posted for each WWE Diva in each Diva’s photogallery. Think of it as an easter egg hunt and an excuse to revisit the lovely Divas of wrestling in their bikinis.

The latest Diva Dish reports on Mickie James, Maryse, Michelle McCool and Jillian. As we reported before, Mickie James will be on Psych tonight as a roller derby chick. Maryse is so sure she’ll be the first WWE Diva to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that she’s begun toting around a replica of what she believes her future star will look like. Michelle McCool visited family, including spending time with her 10-year-old godson. Jillian went to her high school reunion, hoping to see her high school boyfriend ‘big and fat’ (he didn’t show).

Maryse picked up some momentum going into Unforgiven on tonight’s Smackdown, defeating Maria for the second time in two weeks with a DDT and a pinfall. At Unforgiven, Maryse will have a golden opportunity against Divas Champion Michell McCool.


Maria on Summerskin

maria.jpgYou know summer’s coming to an end when the last WWE Diva is posted on Summerskin. Where did it all the time go? Summerskin wraps up in style with WWE Diva Maria. Here’s some excerpts from her article at wwe.com.

“Passion is my motivation and that’s what drives me.” Maria’s passion has led her to becoming one of the most recognized Divas in WWE, being on the cover of Playboy, and countless other successes.

Maria, her brother and her father would all wrestle on the living room floor while watching Superstars like WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

After years of watching, Maria fell in love with former WWE Divas Lita and Trish Stratus.

“I remember thinking to myself, what powerful women.”

She had no idea of how to get involved with WWE herself, but then she heard about Diva Search. She entered the competition on the last day possible and within a week, she saw her photo on TV when she was watching Raw.

Maria’s brother spent nearly a year serving the United States military in Iraq. He motivated her to attend every tour to visit the soldiers and to put smiles on their faces. Maria’s sister is the one who keeps her morally sound, as her mother drives her to continuously push forward, and her father makes sure she stays strong inside and outside of the ring.

Although she hopes to have her own clothing line someday, Maria desires to be a Diva for as long as possible.

“I made it to Diva Search and I’m a wrestler,” she said. “Even if I’m not always in the ring, I hope to be part of WWE forever – no matter what form or fashion.”

If you want to relive how you spent the summer (oogling the Divas on Summerskin) click on our link.


WWE Diva Eve on Summerskin

eve.jpg‘“There’s something really amazing about women who are really sexy, really athletic, really strong, and really powerful and dominating,” said Eve. And Sensational Sherri couldn’t have said it better herself.’

Eve must be referring to herself and we couldn’t agree more! WWE Diva Eve brings us summer temptation at wwe.com’s Summerskin! Check out her profile and interesting facts about Eve, like her dream to work for the FBI or that she holds a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Oh, and you can check out more pics and clips by clicking here


WWE Diva Layla on Summerskin, Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia on Summerskin

leyla.jpegWWE Diva Layla’s profile is now available on Summerskin. The British Beauty is known for her dancing. Before WWE, Layla studied law before deciding performing arts was her true path. Layla danced on the basketball court for Miami Heat.

Layla showed up a fashionable two and half hours late to her audition for the Diva Search and still ended up winning the entire contest.


lillian.jpgRAW ring announcer Lilian Garcia’s profile on Summerskin is also now available! Lilian calls herself an army brat and attended the Royal Oaks military school. When WWE visits the troops in Iraq every year, the experiences holds a special meaning for Lilian.

Lilian’s father worked in intelligence at the American Embassy for eight years in Madrid, long enough for Lilian to consider the city her home. Lilian chose to live in New York for its similarities to the Spanish City.

Lilian also has a budding musical career, having already recorded ¡Quiero Vivir!, an album in Spanish and she plans on producing a second album soon- in English.

You can check out more pictures, video and articles on WWE Diva Layla and Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia at WWE.com’s Summerslam.


Beth Phoenix on Summerskin!


Beth Phoenix relaxes and takes time out from her quest to dominate the WWE Diva divisions and share with us her sexy side. In Beth Phoenix’s first bikini shoot, the Glamazon shares with us her favorite bikini- a itty bitty teeny tiny yellow pokadot number and opens up, telling us that her favorite summer pastime is being a beach bum.

In her article, the Glamazon further opens up about growing up, some surprising talents that one would never expect from Beth Phoenix and of course, Beth explains why she is the dominant Diva. Beth developed her passion for sports-entertainment as a young girl while bonding with her grandma on weekend mornings. Beth started working towards her goal by joining the Notre Dame High School wrestling team in Elmira, N.Y. The response to her request (once it was determined Beth was serious) was that she could wrestle as long as she kept up. Beth earned the respect of the guys on the team by keeping up and working hard.

Beth Phoenix put college before WWE and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, to become a lawyer. Before a career in law, Beth choose to go for her goal and moved to Louisville, Ky, to pursue sports-entertainment full-time.

There are more surprises from the Glamazon in her article and great beach pics from the Glamazon’s first bikini shoot! You can view it all by checking out summerskin!

WWE Diva Lena Yada in Summerskin, Lena Yada runs in Underwear, WWE Diva Maryse nose broken

lenayada1.jpgWomen’s Wrestling Xposed would like to thank WWE for featuring the WWE women of wrestling in Summerskin! We want to thank WWE because Lena Yada is the latest woman wrestler to be featured! The WWE Diva showed us her fun and nurturing nature- and more- throughout the shoot. Guys, Lena’s an angle!

Lena’s article acknowledges the Diva’s persistence to enter women wrestling by competing twice to make the cut for WWE. The only girl in the family, Lena says that her cousins and brother got her into wrestling. Yena claims she was a girly-girl growing up and constantly resisted her mother’s attempts to keep her tomboyish. “It was a battle. I felt sorry for my mom because I was the only other girl in the family and nobody knew how to give her advice on how to take care of a little girl.”

Lena talks about loving ballet growing up and taking up fashion design in college. Fashion is one of Lena’s main hobbies these days, but the stage is her lifestyle.

Lena’s parents are in her corner at WWE. Lena Yada describes her mother as her best friend and reveals that her father finds his small daughter being surrounding by some of the biggest men on earth hilarious.

Check out Lena Yada in Summerskin by clicking here.

ECW Diva Lena Yada recently participated in the City of Hope’s Underwear Affair Charity Run to raise money for cancer research in Los Angeles. Here’s a picture of Lena Yada from the event.


WWE.com is reporting that Diva Maryse suffered a broken nose in her match on last week’s edition of Smackdown! “Maryse’s night only got worse when ski bunny Maria landed a brutal bulldog on the blond, breaking her nose. (Fear not, Maryse fans, the injury won’t sideline the Diva.) Could this be sweet karma returning to haunt Maryse for kicking Cherry in the face a few weeks ago?” Maria added, “I accidentally … no, I intentionally broke Maryse’s nose. She definitely deserved it. Maryse was worthy of taking my bulldog.”

Knockouts rating record, Knockouts on Spin Cycle, Melina on Summerskin, Vickie Guerrero baby face?

knockouts.jpgCongratulations to the Knockouts for another success for women wrestling! The Knockout’s Rumble for a title shot on the July 17th edition of Impact peaked at a 1.25 rating, the highest quarter hour rating in TNA history! The match drew in an extra 264,000 viewers from the previous segment.

The Knockouts are on the latest Spin Cycle on tnawrestling.com! The show is supposed to be pg-13, but the host JB was forced to remind the ladies several times to keep the content family friendly! The Knockouts weren’t listening and the results are sometimes sexy, sometimes hilarious and very entertaining!

There’s a great article on the WWE’s ‘True Diva’ Melina at Summerskin! The article talks about Melina growing up and becoming a WWE Diva and her training with Cirque du Soleil to increase her flexibility. The fiery Latino is a complete package, able to wrestle, dance, sing and cook. Melina is sometimes a lady and sometimes a tomboy. ‘“I never saw myself as sexy, ever. I was always everybody’s little sister or little buddy.” We find that hard to believe. Melina’s picture shoot burnt up our monitor!

Can you imagine Vickie Guerrero going baby face? The apparent original booking idea coming out of the wedding and split from Edge was for Vickie to go baby face. This didn’t happen, of course. Just the idea! The crowd hates Vickie!

Womenswrestingxposed would like you to know that we’ve set up a women wrestling forum at www.themmanews.com. You’re invited to join in, just remember to register as our associate site will be giving out affliction clothing, wwe hoodies and other cool awards to members over the coming months!

Come check out our forum here!

Lena Yada going to Smackdown,Victoria on Summerskin, Roxxi Laveaux at charity event in Fall Rivers

23_lena_yada1.JPGThe Word going around ECW is that Diva Lena Yada is preparing to move over to the Smackdown brand as management has told her to get ready. Lena Yada has been training with former WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz to get ready for a more physical role in WWE. There’s no word if Lena Yada will be paired up on TV with Miz and Morrison.

WWE Victoria is the latest Diva to be featured onWWe.com’s ‘Summerskin’. Victoria explains how working in the bio-med industry shaped her outlook on life, namely about life and death. Victoria became addicted to working out and taking care of herself, which lead into fitness training. When the opportunity to wrestle came up, Victoria went for it, thinking herself invincible. Victoria talks about the rewards of being with the WWE- including going with her mother back to Japan. Victoria also talks about Black Widow Customs in Louisville and her passion for custom cars. Without a doubt its Victoria’s drive that makes her both tough and sexy.

TNA Knockout Roxxi Laveaux will battle Mistress Belmont at the “United We Stand Tour” in Fall River. Eastern Professional Wrestling put the event together as a benefit for the family of Nancy Faria of Somerset, who died unexpectedly at the age of 47 two weeks ago. Ms. Faria was the mother of EPW student Brad Faria. The night’s bouts also include Jerry “The King” Lawler taking on “The Secret Weapon” with Marshall McNeill, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan facing the Canadian Destroyer.

Fans can also order tickets online at www.epwwrestling.com or by phone at (508) 536-6794.

WWE Diva Katie Lee on Summerskin

katielee1513.jpgNow we know where WWE Diva Katie Lee acquired that unbelievable sexy accent.

Andrew Rote interviews Katie Lee for Summerskin. In the article, Andrew discusses Katie Lea growing up, joining WWE as a Diva and what goals Katie Lee has within the division. Katie Lea grew up a tomboy in Germany and aspired to be involved in movies as an actor and a writer. Katie’s father sang opera and her mother danced ballet. After graduation, Katie moved to England to study drama while attending a wrestling school, where we took the indie circuit by storm. Katie now aspires to become the greatest WWE Diva in history as she considers herself the perfect fit for the role.

Katie likes men to be bigger than her and seeks compatibility. Guys who are controlling or self-absorbed turn her off. Katie’s favorite date was to the zoo, to see the bears.

Check out photos, video and more indepth articles on Katie Lee at wwe.com’s Summerskin!

WWE Diva Maryse on Summerskin

maryse.jpgWhen the beautiful Maryse decided to compete to become a WWE Diva, she couldn’t speak more than a few words of English. Two years later, Maryse speaks English as fluently as if she grew up in the United States.

Maryse has been entertaining people since she was 15. In a class of thirty boys and no other girls, Marys ran her school’s fashion show and has been assembling a makeup line.

“People are really hard on women today,” she said. “I really love taking a girl who has no idea how to wear makeup and teach her everything, and show her the difference at the end. The smile on their face is just amazing. It’s like they won a million dollars.”

Maryse won Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003 and she finished as a runner up at Misshawaiian Tropic 2004. Maryse has been featured in a special edition of Playboy and on the cover of the Canada 2007 Playboy Calander.

When asked how she can keep as an entertainer, Maryse answers, “I just push away everything negative Just do what you want to do and believe that you can do it and you will do it.”

Maryse made the top eight in the Diva competition and was signed in August, following a week of observing training at Ohio Valley Wrestling. She worked at OVW as both wrestler and interviewer. By September, Maryse made her debut on SmackDown, eventually working up to joining former WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce and Domino, accompanying the duo to the ring.

When it comes to dating, Maryse likes a big personality, a sense of humour and someone who takes care of himself in the gym without going crazy. Cockiness and guys who know they look good, guys who are all about money or their cars. Guys who are dirty, in his apartment and clothes are bad news, too. Maryse loves to be taken to a good dinner at a five star restaurant, with a good bottle of wine, then an improv show where she can laugh.

Check out wwe.com for articles, pictures and clips on the stunning WWE Diva Maryse!

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